cell membrane- Controls the movement of substances in and out of the cell cell wall- The cell wall is the shield of the cell. Essentially the rib cage nucleus- The nucleus contains genetic material, which controls the activities of the cell chloroplast- Contain chlorophyll, which absorbs light energy for photosynthesis mitochondria- The energy from the […]

by Joe Garner 10w1p Natural selection is when an organism has a mutation which allows it to get more resources such as: food and water. The mutation will let the organism defend its self and in total live longer. This allows the organism to have offspring. The offspring will carry the mutation and again be […]

Jackson was walking home at 12 o’clock at night.  He usually strolls home in the cold at night feeling fine, However this night Jackson was walking at a steady pace. Just about running. This night with the fog curling up all around it felt mysterious. Dangerous. Jackson felt as if the cold was stalking him. […]

A microscope is a device which we use view and study objects that are not visible to the us with out a device to enhance our eye sight. The parts of a compound microscope are as followed: the eyepiece, the ocular lens, the objective lens, the stage, a condenser,  the condenser adjustment control, the microscope light […]

The reason microscopes are useful when you study cells in biology is because microscopes allow scientist to look at cell structures and molecular structures.  microscopes enlarge small  cells on a silicon chip and allows you to see what is on the slide through lenses. Doctors use microscopes as well so they can look at blood cells […]

  HOW TO USE A LIGHT MICROSCOPE                                                                                                 […]

the relationship between online text and spoken language is that both mean the same thing its just that one is easier to read then the other. when children or teenagers use text speech(textism) and sometimes the text can be unclear on just unreadable. when adults text some use textism while others use formal language. the […]